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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Now I feel like a GROUPIE!

OhMyGosH! So a friend and I decided to go out to a local restaurant for a late lunch. Upon obtaining my food, I noticed that a familiar face walked in for food. I immediately knew who he was, but my friend was in the dark. I'm quite familiar with the Memphis Grizzlies and the faces of the athletes that play on the team so I immediately lit up when I saw Rudy Gaye walk in with his entourage. Although he wasn't the first NBA player that I met, I still got excited because I was in the presence of an NBA player. For more certainty, I even asked my waiter was that him, and he informed me that in fact it was him and that he often visits that restaurant. My friend and I (mostly me) started plotting and trying to figure out a way to ask for his autograph and picture....and we came to absolutely nothing. The waiter seen us looking kinda frantic and asked us if we wanted him to tell Mr. Gaye to come over to speak to us. I said yeah, even though I thought that would be a major fail. If I was a celebrity I wouldn't approach a fan to give them an autograph, so I figured that would be weird. The waiter came back and said that Mr. Gaye was coming to our table later to speak to us...and he also gave us a side note that Mr. Gaye was also acting like a DIVA. I waited for like 10mins and I knew that the whole thing was a joke and that he really wasn't coming to speak to us at our table. I finally gathered up the balls to get up and walk to his table. We walked to his table and I smiled really big and I greeted him and asked him would he take a pic with me. I told him that I was a big Grizzlie fan...hoping that he would make it a little better. This guy was really acting like a DIVA! Beyonce said it best. He was acting like it hurt him to take a pic with me. I didn't hold a gun up to his head so I wish that he didn't feel so obligated to take a pic. Now, I know that I may not be the prettiest girl in the world, but I know that I look good and that I'm desireable to men, so I don't really understand why he was treating me like the dog faced girl. He was not friendly at all. He didn't even want to be bothered. This guy is a joke. I should've made a comment about the lockout situation lol. I told him thanks anyways, but as I was walking away, I couldn't help but feel like I was a groupie. He sure treated me like one. I didn't want to post the pic on facebook, but I absolutely had to blog about it....and that's not the worst part of the story. So as my friend and I were leaving the restaurant, Mr. Gaye walked out behind us. He was walking to the parking lot as I approached my car. After unlocking my car door, I saw a Caucasian woman smile and wave at Mr. Gaye. He absolutely lit up. HE WAS GLOWING! He was friendly and he was smiling so hard. He approached her vehicle and she shook his hand and giggled. I sighed and got in my car. I asked my friend did she see that and she claimed she didn't. The whole situation is annoying and frustrating. I approached the guy practically in the same manner as the Caucasian woman and he reacted in a totally different way. I guess my skin was not bright enough and my body wasn't thin enough. To be honest, I don't know what it was about me. I'm quite friendly and cordial to everyone that I meet. I'm able to talk and hold conversations with everyone, so I don't know why he treated me in such a manner after speaking with me for 3 secs........................ small rant.