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Friday, November 4, 2011

This Don't Make No Damn Sense!

I'm up early Thursday morning, trying to do some studying for my test in class later today. Often times when i'm nervouus about a test, I tend to snack on random things.
Well, Monday, which was Halloween, I decided to do some small groccery shopping just to prepare myself for my snack crave right before the test. I went to Kroger and I purchased two boxes of cereal... both of which, weren't the name brand cereal. One was some off brand Rice Krispy cereal and the other was some Kroger brand Lucky Charms. Initially, I really didn't want to get the off brand cereal, in fear of the cereal being stale or just not tasty, but this day I wanted to be cheap and save a few coins, so I purchased them. So, it's early Thursday morning, and I started craving some cereal out of nowhere... so I decided to get me some of the knock off Lucky charms. I pour my cereal and milk into a bowl and start chowing down while reviewing my powerpoints. Often times when I'm eating this type of cereal, I like to look at each spoonfull of cereal just to make sure that I have at least a few marshmellows in every bite. Well on my third spoonfull I found something attached to one of the dry pieces of cereal that hadn't quite been touched by the milk. I ran to the kitchen in fear of realizing what it actually was. When I spooned the piece out of the bowl and into the light, thats when I realized that it was a bug.

OF COURSE I was pissed, but I calmly sat the food down and tried to reframe from throwing up. I wasn't able to speak to anyone from the company because it was too early in the morning. I will be calling tomorrow though. I'm sure that the spokes people will be asking alot of retarded questions like, my certainty that the bug wasn't already in the bowl that I used, or if it was in the milk, or if it was just in the house. I know that if came from the cereal because it was dead, dry, and attached to the piece of cereal. If it were in the milk, it would have come out earlier in the day when I made tea and it would've been wet. I used a clear blue glass bowl to put my cereal in. I washed it out right before I used it, and I rechecked it for dishwasher stains. I am so disgusted. I don't know if I will ever eat cereal again....ESPECIALLY NOT OFF BRAND CEREAL! This could even be a law suit if I wanted to pusuit it as one. I could almost expect this type of thing to happen from Walmart food, but not Kroger. They should be extra careful with this type of stuff....bugs, and rodents...and all.

Most people would consider my suit frivolous, but I don't think they would be saying that if it were them or their children eating bugs from a cereal box. This is utterly disgusting. Anyways... just wanted to share my experience.