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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Natural Hair Update.....

Allllllllrighty, so my natural hair journey has been all over the place. Starting from last October, that's when all the hair drama came about. Let's do a quick recap. So I began my transition to natural hair on August 23, 2009. I transitioned for 26 months, cutting my hair on November 11, 2011.

          ............. Fast forward to October. It was October 27, 2012. That was the day that I decided to make the devastating decision to go to the Dominican hair salon to get a dominican blowout. Worst decision ever. The name of the salon was Martha's Palace. The "stylists" at this salon are horrible. They don't know how to do natural hair or relaxed hair for that matter. I won't go through the trouble of going on and on about how they damaged my hair and how I got tons of heat damage. I won't bother you by making you read about how they disrespect their customers and hurt people's hair. You don't have to read about the mess that they caused. You can simply just watch my video and it will give you a clear idea on the mess I went through.
This video will give you a clear idea of the suffering that I went through. I will never go to another Dominican hair salon. What's the point?! Anyways, I'm just gonna upload a few pics of me before and after my trip to the torture chamber.