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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hottie Body Inspiration: Kelly Rowland

I absolutely love Kelly Rowland. Her voice, body, skin, personality.....EVERYTHING. I love that she is now getting her shine on and that people are realizing that she's truly a super star. Starting from her early years as a member of Destiny's Child, I loved her looks and her style. She is flourishing and she's an inspiration. Her hair can go from short to long, from curly to straight, from red to black.... and it all works well for her. Kelly is what I call a natural beauty. She has been seen countless times with no makeup on, and believe me when I say, she doesn't need it. Makeup is definitely just an accessory, because she's so beautiful without it. She has a fun friendly attitude and she seems to have everything working together for her. I would love to have a body similar to hers....It takes hard work and discipline and that for damn sure... Love you girl!