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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lose the Weight ...Then We Can Talk

OK, so I've thought really hard about making a major career decision. I've always thought about it and asked for other people's opinions, but I just couldn't come to terms with doing it. Well, now I've made up my mind. I want to join the military. YEP! That's right! I wanna join the military. I won't speak of which branch I'm thinking of joining just yet, but the one that I'm strongly considering is AWESOME! Hint: This branch has really strict weight policies. Anywho, I made the decision the other day that I really wanted to join. I chatted with a recruiter online and then spoke to someone over the phone. I was quite pleased with the branch and the responses that I received for my concerns. The phone conversation was.....hmm...kinda embarrassing though. The recruiter asked me a line of questions and was quite pleased with my responses......until he asked for my height and weight. He was like naw bruh lol. jk. But seriously he was like, lose 20lbs and then we will be able to talk to you about joining. Damn! This weight issue is really getting on my nerves. It's holding me back from alot of stuff. I really have to step my game up now since my weight is now holding me back from pursuing my career goals. So in order for me to join, I need to be 165lbs due to my height and all. The recruiter did tell me that I could call at any time when I've reached that goal and I would be in contact with a recruiter. So Until then......... FIX THAT FAT!

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  1. That's awesome motivation if there ever were any, lol. I almost wish my line of work required it; I'm sick of the weight and just need a push to put in the work.

    So no more grad school pursuits?