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Monday, April 2, 2012

Lunch with my Girl

Decided to go out for lunch with one of cool chicas from school. We ate out at Cheddar's, this new restaurant in Memphis. It was actually really good. The prices were good and the serving size was awesome. There was great girl talk and I received some awesome news...Parties in the near future! Didn't take any pics of my food, but I took pics with my friend. Hey girl!

Hanging with the Girls

  What's more fun than hanging with the girls. My mom, sis, and I decided to take a small road trip back home to my college town for some shopping. Decided to have some fun, as we girls always have.           

Younger Sis

Doing the Butt

Yes, I still love Crackle

I think this brand of Crackle polish was around the 2-3 buck price range from Walgreens. I purchased a few others, I just haven't experimented with them as much., but I plan too : )