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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Strand Twists

 It's been 5 months since I did the transition chop (big chop). I'm so excited about the progress and changes in my hair. My hair has grown quite a bit and I can't wait to see just how long it can grow. I recently took down my yarn braids and put up some two strand twists. Initially I thought that my twists were cool, but after wetting them I realized just how FABuLOUS they actually were lol. I love these things. I may keep them in for about 3wks. Here's some pics:

A Night with the Fam!

It's been a minute since the fam and I went out for dinner. My sister was the only one missing in action, but everyone else was there. We ate at Happy Mexican and the food was delish!

The Memphis Grizzlies are on FIRE!

I went to the Grizzlies game the other day. I was quite astonished at how great the team was played. I have attended many games in the past, but never have I attended where they actually won. Lately they have really been on fire. They have beating teams left to right. They just beat the Lakers, Mavericks, and the Heat. They are playing hard and that's what I love.

The Grizzlies played and won against the Los Angeles Clippers on this occasion. The last Grizzlies game that I attended was about 2 years ago and they actually played the same team. They lost of course, but it seems that they have really worked on their game. I couldn't believe how well they did. I was so thrilled and proud. They are actually making Memphis look great. I hope they make it to the championship. I attended the game with one of my besties and his coworkers.

Admiring my Life...

I feel so blessed. Sometimes things don't always go as planned in life, but that's ok. I'm happy to be alive and well. The lord has blessed me so much and I'm incredibly thankful. If you haven't smiled today, smile for God's grace.
Hebrews 13:5
Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


First, this pic is hilarious, especially since I had the same face the other day.
So, I'm not going to be super trashy and throw the restaurant's name out there, mainly because this is a new establishment, and because I know that they are trying, but I have to share the tea. So, I went out with an organization to a local Jamaican restaurant in my city. I arrived 30mins late, so when I arrived, everyone had already ordered their drinks and appetizers. I ordered some water while I glanced at the menu. Though the menu looked tasty I was quite disturbed after the waiter sat my glass of water on the table. I was putting my straw in the glass, when I saw a long, red, curly strand of hair sitting on the ice in my water. OH NO! I can't drink this. I gave the water to the owner and she quickly gave me another glass of water. Then she makes the mistake of saying, "You know it wasn't my hair." I looked at her and was like, "Well you know it wasn't my hair either, or anyone sitting at my table for that matter." I excused the matter and continued talking to the group of people sitting with my table. I didn't feel like eating anything with jerk in it, so I decided to order some salmon cakes. Oh, the food looked absolutely delicious when I saw it.
So I dive straight in. First bite, absolutely scrumptious. Second bite, PROBLEM!!! Well, I didn't get to the second bite of food because there was a freakin strand of hair in my food. DISGUSTED AND ANNOYED by this point. I stopped eating and was so over it. They must've had some pretty hairy people working in the kitchen. I returned the food to the waiter and she apologized for it. She along with the owner asked me if I wanted something else, and I refused. I lost my appetite. I could not believe that I hair in both my water and my food. This makes me want to stay on my diet and not ever go to restaurants again. Although it was a nice gesture that the restaurant owners gave the table a slice of dessert on the house, I was still unhappy. I told the organization that I would never eat at that restaurant again. UGH!