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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nail Polish Favorite!

I love this nail polish. It compliments my skin like no other. I just got a pedicure and manicure with black nail polish, but I had to change my finger nails to this color. The nail polish is called Boca Mocha and it's by Sally Hansen. I think it was like 8 bucks at Walgreens. Gotta love it.

Back from Atlanta!

I went on a small business trip to the ATL and had a fun time. After taking care of business, I went out with my cousin for shopping and dinner. I found some nice body oil and earrings of course. Surprisingly, I did not break my vegan lifestyle change (I don't want to say diet) when we went out for dinner. We also hit up a local Jamaican Club. I don't know why, but the fellas were hitting on us all night....more than usual lol. I guess we're some hot chicas.

You betta work!

Lovely Stretched Twist out

I loved my box braids, but they had to go.
Detangling, Shampooing, and Conditioning is a real task, but I did it. I wore my hear in twists and then I did this lovely twist out.