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Friday, June 8, 2012

Sister's Birthday!

The family and I decided to go out for dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday. We had a blast just laughing and talking about everyday life. We decided to go to Happy Mexican to and the food was pretty good. The workers actually sang to my sis....but unfortunately I didn't get that footage because I left my cam in the car :-(
They offered her tequila shots for her birthday, but of course the birthday girl had to turn it down because she's not quite of age just yet. I would've gladly taken them lol....jk

The parents!
The Birthday Girl!
The siblings!
She is actually squatting down to my size lol...smh

All Versatile All Naturale

So...of course I'm late in posting about my hair as with everything else. I've been natural for almost 7 months now and so I decided to do a blow out last month for my 6 month anniversary of doing the chop. Of course I didn't post a video or make a blog post because I was overwhelmed with the crap going on in my life....smh. But here are a few photos that I took. It's weird but, I decided to do a blow out and wear my hear out for a week. I felt so weird and uncomfortable with my hair out. I was kinda confused as to how to wear my hair and I just didn't feel like my normal self. It was just a weird feeling lol. I actually tried doing a puff as well and that was fun while it lasted. I finally decided to put some braided two strand twists in my hair again, hence the blow out. Seems like I've really been doing the twists alot lately.... I will be posting the video on youtube as well.



LOOK!! My underbite is just about gone. I'm so happy with the progress of my teeth. I'm also happy that I finally decided to get those 4 teeth pulled, even though it's taking forever to close the spaces left in my mouth from the extractions. I can't wait to see the end result.

28lbs lighter....But Don't see a Difference?!?

I'm not sure if I really see a difference, but ok....I'm 28lbs lighter

                                           Before                                    After