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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


First, this pic is hilarious, especially since I had the same face the other day.
So, I'm not going to be super trashy and throw the restaurant's name out there, mainly because this is a new establishment, and because I know that they are trying, but I have to share the tea. So, I went out with an organization to a local Jamaican restaurant in my city. I arrived 30mins late, so when I arrived, everyone had already ordered their drinks and appetizers. I ordered some water while I glanced at the menu. Though the menu looked tasty I was quite disturbed after the waiter sat my glass of water on the table. I was putting my straw in the glass, when I saw a long, red, curly strand of hair sitting on the ice in my water. OH NO! I can't drink this. I gave the water to the owner and she quickly gave me another glass of water. Then she makes the mistake of saying, "You know it wasn't my hair." I looked at her and was like, "Well you know it wasn't my hair either, or anyone sitting at my table for that matter." I excused the matter and continued talking to the group of people sitting with my table. I didn't feel like eating anything with jerk in it, so I decided to order some salmon cakes. Oh, the food looked absolutely delicious when I saw it.
So I dive straight in. First bite, absolutely scrumptious. Second bite, PROBLEM!!! Well, I didn't get to the second bite of food because there was a freakin strand of hair in my food. DISGUSTED AND ANNOYED by this point. I stopped eating and was so over it. They must've had some pretty hairy people working in the kitchen. I returned the food to the waiter and she apologized for it. She along with the owner asked me if I wanted something else, and I refused. I lost my appetite. I could not believe that I hair in both my water and my food. This makes me want to stay on my diet and not ever go to restaurants again. Although it was a nice gesture that the restaurant owners gave the table a slice of dessert on the house, I was still unhappy. I told the organization that I would never eat at that restaurant again. UGH!