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Friday, September 9, 2011

My Beef with Study Guides

Presently, I am attending a community college to complete prerequisite courses for graduate school. I only have a couple of courses left to complete, but that's not the issue. My issue is with professors and their study guides. Now, generally professors will protest, gripe, argue, and complain over giving study guides to help students for tests, but I really don't understand why. Well, I often hear that some teachers view it as cheating, but then again, I still I don't understand how. So here's my beef with study guides. A study guide is suppose to guide you in studying for an exam, hence the name "study guide." I'm a strong believer that study guides should focus on everything that's going to be on the test and help you to comprehend and remember what you are reviewing. I don't understand why professors give study guides and then say,
         "Study the study guide. Everything on the study guide, may not be on the test, but study the study guide anyways. You should also study the text, the powerpoints, and all notes as well."
This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! It confuses and frustrates students. If you are going to make these statements, don't give out a study guide. Why should I be forced to study the text, powerpoints, notes, and a worthless study guide that may include stuff that isn't on the test. A study guide should be composed of everything that's going to be on the test. There shouldn't be anything stated in the study guide that will NOT appear on the test.
Professors should say,
          "Study the study guide. Everything on the study guide will be on the test. You should also study the text, powerpoints, and all of the notes, for there will be more material on the exam than just the material on the study guide."
It makes absolutely no sense to make students study crap that isn't going to be on the test, especially in these lame classes that students are forced to take that have absolutely no relation or relevance to the degree and career that they are trying to pursue. That's another post though....I will save it for later           

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  1. I totally had this conversation with my friend a couple of months ago.I really hate when teachers do that to students.Then I don't like when after taking a test, you realize that alot of the stuff on the test was not discussed in class or the powerpoints.