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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chinese Restaurant Rip Off

So... this is really weird, but sometimes when I have cravings for specified food, my mouth and my brain will not let me eat anything but the specified food. I know that I may come off as greedy, but I get really annoyed when I'm hungry. So last night, my hubby decided to take me out to go get some oysters. I didn't want to go to the normal crab shack so I decided to get them at the local buffet at this chinese restaurant. The variety of food was good and the price was even greater. Although they didn't have oysters, they did have clams, crab legs, shrimp, and other seafood, so I was quite satisfied.'s my issue! The next day I had a strong craving for the same must've been the msg in the food that caused it lol. So anyways, I went and decided to do a takeout at the restaurant. Upon arrival, I realized that I was too late to pay the lunch fee so I was forced to possibly have to pay the dinner fee for the takeout. The dinner fee was like almost 11 bucks and initially I was against it....since the japanese buffet was way better at the same price, but I decided to go ahead and order. Here's the problem though.....when I finally decided to order the worker handed me a small box....similar to the size of a small crayon box...or a small microwave dinner. I was like...ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! I can't put any food in here. It's already bad that the restaurant is charging more money to do a takeout than to sit down and eat. It's so stupid. I would eat more food if I was dining in at the location, than if I decided to do a takeout.... Then the restaurant has the audactiy to be ripping people off with small takeout boxes. The boxes are actually 3xs smaller than a normal size takout box or to go box...smh

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  1. LOL! They had crab legs during lunch?? Where was this? I wanna go...