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Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Day as a Natural

So after 5 minutes of wearing my hair in it's curly state.....I decided to try something a lil bit different.

I really wanted to try a puff. After chopping my hair, I realized that my hair, in it's wet state, would not fit completely into a ponytail. I gathered some strings and tied my hair down. I was able to keep this style for approximately 2 hours, before I began feeling a severe headache. I was quick in removing those damn strings from my head. Apparently I don't know just how tight to tie the strings lol.

After rushing to remove the strings from my head, I went to bed. My head was hurting so mad, that all I could think of was sleeping. I woke up to an even bigger catastrophe. My hair was starting to tangle up and become stiff. AGH! I shampooed and did a deep condition/hot oil treatment. My hair was so soft and manageable I decided to blow my hair out!
 After blowdrying my hair (with the tension method), I decided to do some braided two strand twists. Basically, these are twists that are braided at the root. This particular method helps the twists to last longer. It took approx 7-8hrs, but they were cute.


Omg the twist out from these twist was stunning. It was my favorite hairstyle ever. I got tons of compliments when I wore my hair in the twist out. It lasted for about 3 days. I kept the twists in for about 3 weeks.

I really love my natural hair!

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