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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vegan Update

Unbelievably, I've made it to day 8 eating as a vegan. Do I feel different? Nope not really. Do I look different? Nope not really. After the last update I did eat a few things that I'm probably going to start avoiding, like breads and fried foods. I ate a veggie delight sub from Subway the other day and it was surprisingly good. I will now be eating these subs only every blue moon because of the bread. I also ate a couple of dinner rolls at a restaurant the other day, which even on a non-vegan diet is not healthy. I ate some fried plantains at this Jamaican restaurant/lounge and they were delish, but they were fried : (  Lastly, I ate out at an Ethiopian restaurant last night, and I'm not quite sure as to how they prepare their foods, but I know that it involves alot of oil, so I will try to avoid that. Also, the injera (Ethiopian bread) is made from flour and so forth, so I will be eating this every blue moon as well. I have done good by eating fruits all throughout the day, and even nuts on occasion.  : )

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