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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hottie Body Inspiration: Serena Williams

This woman has the body of a goddess. Serena has been an inspiration since my early years of junior high and high school. I wanted to play tennis and be a monster on the court just like her. I don't think I quite managed to get to even half of half of half of her skills on the court lol. People often criticize her about her body....they claim she's too big. Critics basically think that her booty is way too big and that it will prevent her from running and hitting the ball. Well, time and time again, she has proved that she can have a big booty and tons of muscle and still punish her opponents. She eats her opponents for breakfast! Even her fashion sense on the court is phenomenal. No one has ever played in some of the tennis outfits that she's played in. As of 2011, something had definitely changed about her. Some say she got a nose job, but to be honest, I don't care because whatever she did stepped her game up even more. It's almost like she found a better hairstylist and makeup artist. Her fashion game is sick. The way her outfits and gowns are tailored to her body is incredible. Gotta love her.