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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hottie Body Inspiration: Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross, your body is the business. First of all, being the daughter of one of the greatest divas to ever work in the business is AWESOME! I love Diana and her music so I must give credit to you for being a product of her. Now, we all loved Joan Carol Clayton and all the drama that came along with her on Girlfriends. She went from a die hard partner in a prestigious law firm to a restaurant/lounge owner, who was confused about her career. Often having man problems, she always turned her girlfriends for help. I loved this show. I think that if Kelsey Grammar was ever going to bring a sitcom back, it should've been Girlfriends and not The Game. That show is so whack, but I won't digress. Tracee, girl your body is Gorgeous. She has a thin waste and a big butt. She has the perfect silhouette. I love your body, your skin, curl natural hair, and those EYES! I too, have big eyes and you definitely are doing it big for us big bright eyed women. Her fashion sense is ON POINT!